• Best of the Net 2023 Nominations

    Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is delighted to announce the following poems have been nominated for inclusion in 2024’s Best of the Net anthology: Flight Path by Laura RodleyThe Sonnet by Ed HackRailway Station, Bendery, Moldova by Tovli SimiryanBaptism by Greg WatsonMaking Up by Larina WarnockAll the best stories are true by Julia Klatt Singer —read more—

a poem each day

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily publishes one poem every weekday and occasionally on weekends.

The editor reserves the right to skip a day here and there, depending on the poems received, the weather, vacation time, and/or electrical interference with her brain.

Some days will feature reposts of poems that previously appeared in Autumn Sky Poetry.

Poems are selected on the whim of the editor and are not indicative of quality (a subjective concept).


Submission Guidelines:

1. Send ONE poem in the body of an email to autumnskypoetryeditor@gmail.com with SUBMISSION in subject heading (no cover letter).

2. Response time is one week — if your poem isn’t published within one week, consider it rejected. No formal response (email, owl, aural hallucination) will be sent.

3. Include links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (please, no bio).

4. Reprints and previously published poems are welcome.

5. Poets retain copyright. Poems remain online indefinitely.

6. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

7. There is no payment for contributors.


2 responses to “a poem each day”

  1. Leland Jamieson Avatar

    Christine, I liked the elegant simplicity of poetry daily, and have sent you a poem. I enjoyed the poem you published, and look forward to more.

    1. Christine Klocek-Lim Avatar

      Thank you Leland. Glad you stopped by!

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