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Hang Son Doong by O.P.W. Fredericks

Hang Son Doong

And the earth heaved a sigh
when I came into knowing
what is yet to come

. . . . . . . .before time was time

I’ve felt the fall of rain
the warmth of sun
as it lolled across the sky
teased my face
and my shallows with life
tender roots
that plucked at my skin
and tickled my soul

. . . . . . . .and you thought to look

tread gently as you go
there’s much much more
you’re not ready to know

. . . . . . . .I’ve kept secrets

by O.P.W. Fredericks

Editor’s Note: Some things in this world are too vast to truly comprehend. This cave is one of those things. This ekphrastic poem mimics the incomprehensible size of Hang Son Doong with pieces of emotional imagery (sun, skin, rain) and grounds it within the awe we all feel in the face of such secretive wonder.


2 responses to “Hang Son Doong by O.P.W. Fredericks”

  1. cote8050 Avatar

    Truly lovely, both picture and words… thank you


  2. Risa Denenberg Avatar

    I love the notion “before time was time” because it can be read as two opposing ideas about time. The poem, the cave, opens to that sense of what is within what cannot be known.

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