The Gospel According to St. Thomas Frankenstein 11:1-5 by Ed Shacklee

The Gospel According to St. Thomas Frankenstein 11:1-5

1 The tomb was open and the body gone,
and those who loved Him, god or madman, grieved,
a castoff shroud the only sign of one
whose parables they had so long believed.

2 But as they grieved, an angel or a youth
bade them all rejoice, for Death was dead.
Their faith was resurrected as the truth –
the flock rejoiced, and followed where it led;

3 But I, reviled for doubting, felt no doubt
that grave robbers had dragged poor Jesus out,
the Word Made Flesh attracting ghouls like flies:

4 And lo, the door was prised, a certain sign.

5 O fear His wrath, ye sinners, lest He rise,
bolted, stitched, and sparked with Light Divine.

by Ed Shacklee, first published in Victorian Violet Press Poetry Journal

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Editor’s Note: Anyone who knows me understands my perverse sense of humor. This sonnet is delightful, and especially so on this particular day.


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