Random Notes to a Friend by Johanna Ely

Random Notes to a Friend

I just wanted you to know
that I’m not going crazy
that today I almost felt normal

not like a dragonfly
trapped in thick yellow amber
and as the light unwinds

braids of silver
touch the channel water
late in the day

the orchids talk to themselves
in a corner of the room
and on the other shore

steel dinosaurs tower
above decrepit buildings
in the sunset

I eat steak
and listen closely
to snippets of conversation

the din of water
over strange rocks

as the night discovers itself
is it presumptuous to say
the white hydrangeas

in my backyard
are really stars?

by Johanna Ely

Editor’s Note: This poem makes great use of personification to  portray the narrator’s state of mind. “the orchids talk to themselves” is the line that convinced me this poem was interesting. The last three lines convinced me to read it again, several times.


2 responses to “Random Notes to a Friend by Johanna Ely”

  1. Edilson Afonso Ferreira Avatar

    I never read so poetic a poem!

  2. Risa Denenberg Avatar

    Lovely imagery here.

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