Oil-Stained Rainbow after the Car Accident by Jessenia Class

Oil-Stained Rainbow after the Car Accident

I swim in purpled dreams and crash through
breathless, on the flip side of consciousness,
breaking through the skin like a silver pebble
eschewing whispers from the mountains. Standing
walking wading knee deep bluely into fairytales
of forgotten lore. I prance down blood stained
brick roads, tripping over false promises and leaving
yellow hazard lights in my wake. I’m falling falling
destroying white clouds into blackened smithereens, and
it’s the sirens that wake me up flat, breathless on
the red and blue brick that’s crushed underneath me
into unforgiving gravel, biting graves into my palms.

by Jessenia Class

Editor’s Note: This poem’s opening and closing line is a muddled-up word that perfectly reflects the sudden crash of emotions during a car accident. This image, “biting graves into my palms,” introduces a necessary glimpse of reality within the surreal injury of the narrator’s voice.


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