From the archives – Love Poem for R.R. — James S. Wilk


Love Poem for R.R.

I have Wile E. Coyoted you
so resolutely, so doggedly,
that in a second or two
I’ll notice my Acme® jet-pack

is spent and my skates are rolling
ungrounded. Instantly, physics
will take over, flinging me,
your Hard-headipus ravenus,

arrow-straight down the canyon
to the weeeeeeoooww of a slide
whistle, a dot turned to dust
with a thud, only to extricate

my carcass from a coyote-shaped
crater, straighten my accordion
snout, pluck cactus from my ass,
and chase you all over again.

from Autumn Sky Poetry 14 — by James S. Wilk

Photo by Christine Klocek-Lim