Like Van Gogh by Laurie Kolp

Like Van Gogh

A listening ear, spongy ear.
Voice of infinity, a spiral
life’s journey to the center
a conch shell whisper
methodic waves, an ear
with strength and fortitude.
Wing-like mystery, a breath
in the wind, tympanic labyrinth.

Not a mallet to drive a point across
or baby artichoke with Orecchiette
to soak up saucy meat like gossip.

An ear auspicious in intentions
your ear compliments my tongue.
A lobe pierced, diamond stud
I clink my teeth on.

Tree trunk, conchoidal bole
with rings, your ear our growing love.
The ear that doesn’t want to hear
those three words. I say them anyway.

by Laurie Kolp, first published as Ear in Poets and Artists.

Twitter: @KolpLaurie

Editor’s Note: This poem uses an extended metaphor to convey one simple image (love) with an incredibly complex emotional narrative.

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