The Mole People by Ed Shacklee

The Mole People

Blinking like the stars, as deep as night
and ugly as we thought they were, they came,
emerging from clandestine faults to light
abysses surface people feared to name,

and no one saw them coming, as they’d learned
self-effacing insight from the dead.
Untroubled by what common sense discerned,
they looked beyond dark oddities we fled,

and what they were, they were, and didn’t hide.
Attempts at dazzlement had no effect,
our offers of enlightenment, denied;
for we who’d not been moved could not direct

the halting, awkward progress of the blind
who felt their way to what we failed to find.

by Ed Shacklee

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Editor’s Note: Is this a horror story or enlightenment? This sonnet invites multiple interpretations within its smooth iambic pentameter (not too much, not too little).