anger and angst by Adam Middleton-Watts

anger and angst

the blue eyed dogs are howling
small cracks appear in the sky
a mother drowns her child
trees have no place left to grow
the air is slick and burns the skin
I have walked these days before
ignoring the old woman crying
the cat that was never a friend
the earth is so easily forgotten
each step once set
can never be found again
(nor should it be)
I taste something acrid in the air
the dryer clunks and shudders
a two-tone Cadillac pulls to the curb
there are clowns inside
with plumb red noses
cleaning blood from their
puffy hands

by Adam Middleton-Watts

Editor’s Note: The disparate images of this poem illustrate the way anger can sometimes fly away with us—emotion often defies easy explanation. The last four lines are perfect.

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