Stand Alone and Wait by Burgess Needle

Stand Alone and Wait

in the city’s darkness I turn
the wheel blindly seeking
signs I know that never appear
my navigator I miss you
cruising tucson’s evening
streets the car wavers slightly
I miss my navigator
I miss the post party chat
the table talk analysis
mostly I miss the directions
keeping me focused
all the way home
when they washed the car
they asked for a scent
I only wanted yours
there’s an old lipstick
in the cup holder
if I put it in water
would it point north
I miss my navigator
your sun glasses remain
I spin and spin and spin
dizzy at my loss
my key’s in the lock
the door only need open
wide enough for one
when I do what I can

by Burgess Needle

Editor’s note: The short lines and missing punctuation illustrate the mental sorrow of the narrator as much as the words do. This is a lovely example of how the form of a poem can contribute to the content of the story.

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