From the archives – We Should Be Dignified — John Byrne


We Should Be Dignified

We should be dignified, austere, and act
Our age which added each to each would be
A century; we should accept the fact
That fumbling throes of hasty love that we

Once shared are past. And we should also brush
Three times a day and be polite despite
The silly things that others say; nor rush
But move in stately ways and shut the lights

Each time and other stuff, we should, we should.
But when I bring the morning tea and you
Are steamy shower naked looking good,
Your looks can shoo away the s’posed-to-do

And I’ve no choice but let the tea grow cold
Forgetting that we really are too old.

from Autumn Sky Poetry 10 — by John Byrne

Photo by Christine Klocek-Lim


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  1. Barbara loots Avatar
    Barbara loots

    Gail White takes us to exotic places (and thoughts) with deceptive simplicity and exquisite craft. More of Gail’s poems, please.

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