Of Parchment Scored by S. Thomas Summers

Of Parchment Scored

Old leaves litter
the forest floor,
sacred scraps
of parchment

by a season’s hand;
children gather
each crinkled skin,
mustard and wine,
olive and gold,

as wizards and sages
gather a millennium’s
history, trace
cold fingers
across a page’s

wrinkles and ink,
the possibilities
of beauty,
the tragedies

of loss, hanging the solemn
passages of autumn
on the refrigerator door,
the stories mommy
and daddy must learn.

by S. Thomas Summers

Twitter: @summerspoet

Editor’s Note: This poem encapsulates autumn, the history of writing, and the beginning of literacy… and then it somehow ties all of this into the emotional trauma of parenthood.


5 responses to “Of Parchment Scored by S. Thomas Summers”

  1. janicedsoderling Avatar

    I have admired this poet for years. And this poem does not disappoint my expectations.

    1. S. Thomas Summers Avatar

      Thank you for the kind words, Janice. God bless.

      1. calensariel Avatar

        When you’re famous, just remember! I reblogged it first! 😀 It’s very mythical and magical. And it’s about my favorite thing, of course — leaves! Very proud to be watching your career take off.

      2. S. Thomas Summers Avatar

        I have a long way to go, but the gettin’ there is fun.

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