Trio by Peleg Held


Said the maiden to the moon
you bring me through to blood
silver, slip and swoon
over lamb, wet limb and bud.

Said the moon in kind return
my silver’s stolen sweet
I skim the shimmer shine
from a star that’s gone to sleep.

The waxing wane in the wires
crackled between the two,
moon slipped into cloud
and girl slipped into blue.

And through the wind-bowed wheat
the boy pursued them both
under tree branch, flare and sheet
by oarlock, dream, and oath
from dusk til dawn he went
never holding but a wisp
of the tendriled curving scent
or the seething tidal kiss.

Yet every day he woke
torn by crater and caress
and as musk sank into smoke
the night purred in his chest.

by Peleg Held

Editor’s Note: Some poems are meant to be read aloud. This is one of those poems. Pity the poor, deluded boy who never thought to sing his courtship.

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