Overhearing Candy Hart by Barbara Lydecker Crane

Overhearing Candy Hart

TRUE LOVE, the cloying little candies bray.
If I could write those slogans, I would say
RUE LOVE and throw in KILL ME NOW.
I’d switch each KISS to DIS. That U R COOL
just fuels a bloated ego. I wouldn’t hide
the brutal truth: I’d print U R A FOOL.

But call me candid Candy: I confide
that I might be the bigger fool, the Hart
who can’t say no. When a guy gives me the eye…
he’ll promise me the world but then depart
at dawn. Good-looking dudes like you might lie.
I’m Candy, sugar and spice–but salty, too.
I think nice is boring. HOW ’BOUT U?

by Barbara Lydecker Crane

Editor’s Note: Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this silly sonnet amuses us as it imagines a girl who dares to be spicy and salty instead of merely sweet.

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