What Do You Mean by Linda Golden

What Do You Mean

Inspired by Palimpsest by Mary Kay Rummel

If by never you mean
until you calm down
breathing slowly as you
pace well worn paths

If by breathing you mean
not holding your breath until
Your red face blasts
the message anyhow

If by red face you mean
shame written large across
the sky in neon letters
like a scarlet A

If by sky you mean
The shooting star shower
that lights up the purple nigh
With free fireworks

If by shower you mean
coming together under
waterfalls bodies laced
together nude, smoldering

If by nude you mean
devoid of costume, mask
artifice wanting to be
seen regardless

If by mask you mean
you long to be known
then come into my arms
eyes open to see me smile
. . . . . . . .anyway

by Linda Golden

Editor’s Note: The movement from one image to the next creates a relationship between the words a reader can’t help but follow.


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