Vintage verse – Hours by Hazel Hall


I have known hours built like cities,
House on grey house, with streets between
That lead to straggling roads and trail off,
Forgotten in a field of green;

Hours made like mountains lifting
White crests out of the fog and rain,
And woven of forbidden music—
Hours eternal in their pain.

Life is a tapestry of hours
Forever mellowing in tone,
Where all things blend, even the longing
For hours I have never known.

by Hazel Hall (1886–1924)

Photo by Christine Klocek-Lim


2 responses to “Vintage verse – Hours by Hazel Hall”

  1. Risa Denenberg Avatar

    Your pictures and they way they honor a poem are amazing, Chris. A tapestry indeed!

    1. Christine Klocek-Lim Avatar

      Risa, thank you so much!

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