String Theory of Love by Terry Severhill

String Theory of Love

Somewhere in time and space
Or in the quantum other spacetime
We shifted apart growing old did not help
To delay or allay our ancestral fears
Lions and tigers and laying bear our doubts and tarnished souls
Should have did not have the desired effect
You hugged closer to your God theories and watercolors
I shied away from rhyming poems and intimacy
We have found safe ground here
We still fill the hours together with carefully crafted truths
We still love
We still need
We still desire
We still have doubt
I still have one red rose for you
And you a vase for me

by Terry Severhill, first published in San Diego Poetry Annual – 2015/2016.

Editor’s Note: Love poems don’t have to be treacly.


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  1. Out of Cali Avatar

    Great poem!

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