No I in Team by Ed Shacklee

No I in Team

Inside of every hen there is an egg.
Inside of many hovels there’s a house.
In each and every beggar there’s a beg,
and soon, inside of kittens, there’s a mouse.

Within the vilest hater is a hat.
Perversions always have a bit of verse.
A man will grow inhuman, fate more fat,
by chopping her to bits inside a hearse.

There is no I in team, two eyes in I,
the devil is more evil than you know;
so hide a cask in casket when I die,
we’ll drink to death if God is short an O.

by Ed Shacklee

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Editor’s Note: This poem is both amusing and disturbing (which is quite an accomplishment for twelve lines).


4 responses to “No I in Team by Ed Shacklee”

  1. Dave Bonta Avatar

    I’m not always a fan of end-rhyme and meter, but this is brilliant.

    1. janicedsoderling Avatar

      Yes, it is.

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