Bathing the Soul in Deep Light by Elena Croitoru

Bathing the Soul in Deep Light

See the two palms crowning the warmest hue
of blue. Luscious feather-like palm leaves flutter
Close to her face, as she breathes in the breeze.
The jagged horizon line is softened
by the liquid sun soaking the city.
Tangerine roofs draw smiles over hundreds of windows.
Boats shaped like fish rest on dried pearly sands
expecting the tide to give them movement.

Her soul is in a white dress
and it has never been calmer than
under that dusty pink umbrella.
She holds on to the stone balustrade of the bridge
and watches the world as it should always be
for things are free when light is cast upon them.
People and thoughts disappear when we are blind like that
when all the things that animate us are not visible
and our hearts are as calm as the sleepy sea.

by Elena Croitoru

Editor’s Note: Personification  illuminates an ordinary view until it become a meditation. Our hearts need this sometimes.


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