Feedback by Ben Rasnic


This thing remembered—

tendrilled wisps of amber
groomed from sweaty plough blades
of Nebraska soil, waves breaking
the black earth into gold flames
ripening in air, rich with mirrors.

“It’s only wheat”,
she said,
“Just big dumb fields
of nothing but wheat”,

this harvest from my
loins, tawny fingers weaving
strands of sun-bleached
tasseled hair, face
flecked with straw

her bright smile,
her star rising.

by Ben Rasnic

Editor’s Note: Children say the damndest things. Perspective often requires several decades of harvest.

2 thoughts on “Feedback by Ben Rasnic

  1. Good poem. But my pedantic inner naturalist says the child was right, monocropped fields are so ecologically impoverished that any impression of richness is misleading indeed.


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