Yokohama by Ana Prundaru


escaping currents ready to

swallow her body
she pulls a lineage of forgotten

sacrifices in a single breath
through her slender bones
she arranges herself to a map of sea stars
against her palm, the air
heavy with the weight of driftwood
traveling through time
shadows swaying to an electric rhythm
she falls into someone’s lap, unknotting
her hair, gives away near-extinct
youthful hope like shell bracelets
watches herself in the mirror
inside a stuck elevator toward sky
sandwiched between concrete
the distant gypsy blue dissolves to fire
waves intervene in her spine
and she dresses up her body
with breezy space, detonates
elegies for the broken sea
outside, a light bug casting a glint
his nowhere too seems forfeited

by Ana Prundaru

Twitter: @the_anamaria

Editor’s Note: The personification of a city within many images is creative and dizzying.

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