Blown Away by James Brush

Blown Away

I saw the wind today
not evidence of wind
like a leaf skittering
through traffic
actual wind—just
for a moment like
glare in glasses
when you turn your head
(but I wasn’t wearing glasses)
the wind was there
and it wasn’t
like a mourning dove
disappearing into grayer

fingers twitch
like a rattlesnake
twitch like
a harmless rat snake
fooling those who come
too close
the judgement passed
too easily by those
who say he’s just white trash
who say he deserved that bullet
behind the chicken joint

Prayers go mumbling to the sky
to the graying sky
the wind answers
forgets for a moment
just for that moment
fleeting, gone
before I even knew it was there
but I knew it was there
I knew

by James Brush

literary journal: Gnarled Oak
twitter: @jdbrush

Editor’s note: The lack of regular punctuation adds to the off-balance narrative in this poem. Wind is both literal and metaphorical.


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  1. Risa Denenberg Avatar

    Wonderful allegory and imagery. Love this!

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