Valentine’s Day Lover by Doris Watts

Valentine’s Day Lover

Whoa Nellie! Not everybody gets it.
Just what it really is and what it isn’t.
It’s mostly frothy frill and fancy feather
and isn’t meant for any heavy weather.
It’s lighthearted loving that’s in fashion
and not, you can be sure, undying passion.
There’s little candy hearts with silly sayings,
and all the lads and lasses go a-Maying.

In midst of February’s bleakest hours,
it’s not a blizzard, dear. It’s summer showers.
It’s here’s the chocolates.  Now bring the flowers.
“Here’s my heart,” he promises. “You win it.”
Think that he meant it? Not for a minute.
Think that I believed him? Of course I didn’t.

by Doris Watts

Editor’s Note: Sometimes what we need is lighthearted verse to lighten our hearts.


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