A shamelessly optimistic lawn mower by Charles Carr

A shamelessly optimistic lawn mower

May steps out of the shower
in a soft white shirt with holes,
the sky as far as I can see;
spring fiddles with ignition,
the trill of frogs, trees manage
only a squint of green,
birds and bees are busy
with so much on their minds
and no clue where to begin;
a dogwood blooms
like a crowd of children,
like the days when life was easy
as catching a ball or an engine
starts on the third pull of cord,
a lost care in the length of a yard,
my shadow tugs at the seam
as if to see for itself
can you ever go back
but makes it exactly no further
than a breeze like a woman
with the flower of fresh cut grass
in her hands.

by Charles Carr

Twitter: @selfrisinmojo

Editor’s Note: A poem with this title deserves publication. The delightful metaphors don’t hurt, either.


2 responses to “A shamelessly optimistic lawn mower by Charles Carr”

  1. alphabetstory Avatar

    It makes me yearn for the summer morning when all you heard might be the distinct clatter of the lawn mower next door. Lovely metaphors indeed.

  2. Siham Karami Avatar

    This is so good I just had to tell you.

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