Soon Now by Darrell Petska

Soon Now

Paint drying on expectant walls,
restless rocker testing the floor,
windows polishing light—
curtains hush the ceiling fan
chirruping “soon now soon now soon”.
Bears and bunnies gather in corners.
Decaled sheep pace dresser drawers.
A yawning bassinet crowns the room
toward which all doors incline.
The house holds its breath.
In the trees’ sheltering boughs
sun and moon hone lullabies
while stars polish their points.

by Darrell Petska

Editor’s Note: The personification in this poem perfectly conveys the sense of expectant hope that heralds the birth of a new child.


2 responses to “Soon Now by Darrell Petska”

  1. Rachel McInturff Avatar

    “A yawning bassinet crowns the room”
    “soon now soon now soon”
    This is beautiful!

    1. conservancies Avatar

      Thank you, Rachel. I’m father to five, grandfather to four, so…familiar with that territory.
      I followed a link to your Book of Poems–beautiful as well! — DP

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