Best of the Net Nominations – 2017


I am happy to announce the following poems have been nominated for the Best of the Net 2017:

Abiding Winter by Risa Denenberg

Affidavit by Terri Muuss

The Balance Between Us by James Diaz

Bone-Chilled by Martin Willitts Jr.

Poem Only Half About Myself by J. Rod Pannek

Tuesday Morning by George Longenecker


Disputation by Richard Meyer


Relentless waves collapse against the rocks
that wall a jagged, undiminished shore.
The water seems undone by granite blocks,
and yet each wasted wave is followed up with more.
Undaunted water rolls, and rolls, and rolls on in.
Both rock and wave contest where land and sea begin;
and both display their might, and both are always right.
The ancient quarrel roars and howls all day, all night.

by Richard Meyer, first published in Orbital Paths.

Editor’s Note: The rhyme and meter of this poem reflects the content—repetition of motion between sea and stone. The larger allegory speaks of our need for contest, and the lasting, unresolved motion of it.