Men without dreams by Alejandro Perez

Men without dreams

Dreams like a white Christmas.

Beautiful to think about but difficult to live through.
The streets are closed. The family is not coming.
Friends are locked inside their homes.
You can take pictures but it is too cold to go outside.

It is too cold to build snowmen or go out on the sleigh.
It is better to stay inside and speak of what could have been.
It is always better to speak of what could have been.

Dreams like chocolate. Hot chocolate. Dreams like liquid chocolate.
Sweet dreams which pass in front of you with no notice.
They are almost intangible, almost in another dimension.
They are worthy of finding, but too hard to find.

Dreams like a ruler. Noble at first and then a disgrace.
Brave at first and then cowardly.
Always changing.

Let us take a moment of silence for dreams. For empty dreams,
Like an envelope with no letter. For fluffy dreams like cotton candy.
For those dreams worth nothing. And even so,
Let us mourn for men without dreams.

by Alejandro Perez

Editor’s Note: The sentence fragments in this poem highlight the narrator’s haunted thoughts. Some dreams are too difficult to approach directly. Some dreams don’t exist without the dreamer.

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