Winter Klieg by Devon Balwit

Winter Klieg

Dawn startles the ice-tight branches.

by klieg, they yield secrets. Modesty
tells us

do not look. If we lack it, our blotched

deliver a long scolding.

in the white world, the weight of us

through crust, no pretense at ethereality.
By midday,

all crashes, thin wands shattering all around
with a sound

like rocks through panes. Chill melt

into our boots as we hove homeward,

ourselves out, no more revelations
to be had.

by Devon Balwit

Editor’s Note: This poem’s imagery is both startling and true.

One thought on “Winter Klieg by Devon Balwit

  1. Although I did have to look up a couple of words in this poem–one for clarity and one to see if it was a globally recognized word or one created by the poet–I enjoyed this piece. The active, specialized verbs are particularly well chosen and I did get lost in the chilly moment. Great job, Devon. 🙂


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