A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose by Marissa Glover

A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose

The moon and stars that fill the sky
are only there to light the night—
no message for my hopeful eye,
no wish I may or wish I might.

The rainfall is no sign of love;
no hidden meaning in the weather.
It’s not a signal from above
that you and I should be together.

The lilies growing in the lake
are not for us a metaphor.
They had no thought of what’s at stake
and bloomed before we reached the shore.

The world around us yields no clue
should you love me or I love you.
The world is beautiful and yet—
let’s not read too much into it.

by Marissa Glover

Editor’s Note: The lighthearted form of this poem makes it an easy read, but the message is much deeper than is first apparent.


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  1. Marissa Glover Avatar

    Thank you for the publication and the kind commentary.

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