She Remembers Blue by Larry Schug

She Remembers Blue
(for Katelyn)

As she perches in a small cave
carved by wind and rain and time
in the chalky gothic walls of Plaza Blanca,
I tell my blind friend,
who has a type of vision not available to me,
about the Sangre de Cristo mountain range at sunset,
fifty miles distant,
capped with snow the color of blood.
She tells me about how even the sound of raven wings
reverberates off canyon walls,
how her tapping cane and her footsteps
make different sounds on stone or sand,
how those sounds come back to her ears
differently from everything she passes.
She says she remembers the sky
from before her eyes closed.
She remembers blue.

by Larry Schug

Editor’s Note: This poem’s narrative hangs on a particular indescribable image, and the emotional impact resonates long after reading.


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    That’s the best poem yet. OMG, I will think of that one for a long time.Best, Donna Reis

    1. LarrySchug Avatar

      Thank you so much, Donna. There are poems all around us just waiting to be written. Sometimes you find the words.

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