Some of what friends are for by Charles Carr

Some of what friends are for

That dog years
are seven
to a human’s one,
explains why
you run ahead
then back again
as though you can
hardly wait for me
to get where you
already know
what happens;
your head
on the arm
of my chair,
half an hour
in five minutes
is the look
in your eyes,
like they see
at the speed
sunlight speaks
and you are
only trying
to repeat
what it just said
as it crawled
in the window
from the end
of afternoon,
the wind lifts
a branch
to catch a bird,
hurries a leaf
to the side
of the road
from the path
of a car approaches
or perhaps it’s just
another dog barks
for no apparent reason
than what it hears
is the sound
we make is

by Charles Carr

Twitter: @selfrisinmojo

Editor’s Note: The short lines of this poem hurry the reader along in a delightful reflection of the poem’s central theme.


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