The Fourth Nor’easter of March by Robert Wexelblatt

The Fourth Nor’easter of March

Indignant neighbors all complain
that snow’s still falling and not rain
or sunshine flecking pale green hills
with pools of yellow daffodils.
They whine that winter won’t let go.
Weighed down with wet, belated snow
snapped branches mar the noiseless night.
Though dawn serves up a dazzling light
all value springs from scarcity;
snow’s pretty when a rarity.
No matter if the statue’s Greek
or if the storm’s a thrilling freak,
they’ve wearied of the ceaseless sight
of beauty that’s become antique.

by Robert Wexelblatt

Editor’s Note: This sonnet is a delightful lesson on the futility of complaints about the weather.


4 responses to “The Fourth Nor’easter of March by Robert Wexelblatt”

  1. ajwal328 Avatar

    Delightful! Almost makes me forget how miserable winter’s made me.

  2. Firestone Feinberg Avatar
    Firestone Feinberg

    I love this!

  3. mikial57 Avatar

    Excellent Robert – and very true to life!

  4. Neil Creighton Avatar
    Neil Creighton

    Robert, very lovely, perceptive and wryly humorous.

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