i wish by Eileen Murphy

i wish

grandma i wish
we could sit down
at your formica table

in your kitchen in Tampa
& eat grapes
& drink Cokes from the bottle

to keep cool
you always slipped me
a few bucks b/c you knew

money escaped me
but you didn’t mind
the way i was

i wish i could take you shopping
i’d buy you
a pair of red shoes

you always liked shoes
i wish i could wrap
you inside a piece of bread

& carry you in my purse
& when I needed you
i’d pull off a piece

& let you dissolve on my tongue

by Eileen Murphy

Editor’s Note: This poem’s informality sharpens the truth of the narrator’s grief.


4 responses to “i wish by Eileen Murphy”

  1. Aishwarya Avatar

    That’s a very sweet note to your grandma…and I like how you want to wrap her in a piece of bread and carry her around…and feel her be with you!

  2. Sarah Russell Avatar

    So fine!

  3. kthderengowski Avatar

    So well put. Lovely.

  4. jill Avatar

    Loved this!

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