OPEN to submissions!

Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY is OPEN to submissions.

Dear Poets: Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY has reopened for submissions. Daily poems will resume when I have submissions to post, ideally this week. We shall see if anyone remembers this journal, eh?

Here are the guidelines:

1. Send ONE poem in the body of an email to with SUBMISSION in subject heading (no cover letter).

2. Response time is one week via publication. If your poem doesn’t appear online within one week, consider it rejected.

No formal acceptance or rejection (email, paper airplane, aural hallucination) will be sent. Read Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY for one week from the date of your submission and you will find out if your poem was chosen for publication when it either does or doesn’t appear online.

3. Include links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (please, no bio).

4. Reprints and previously published poems are welcome.

5. Poets retain copyright. Poems remain online indefinitely.

6. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

7. There is no payment for contributors.

8. If submitting a formal poem, please feel free to include the name of the form (sestina, quatina, prose poem, etc.).

9. I do NOT accept art submissions. Occasionally I will solicit artwork if I’m feeling inspired.


Questions? Try my FAQ page.


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3 responses to “OPEN to submissions!”

  1. jbkantor Avatar

    So glad to see you’re back Christine!!🎉 I have sorely missed Autumn Sky but understand it takes a lot of work and that you deserved a break. I’ve enjoyed, however, following you on fb. Love your photos, buttons, jewelry masks etc… the varied nature of your creative expression is impressive!!

    I’ll be submitting soon👍😁

    Best, Joan

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    1. Christine Klocek-Lim Avatar

      Joan, thank you. <3

  2. jbkantor Avatar

    Hi again. You might have seen this one on fb, if I, in fact, posted it there. Still, it’s rather timely and so very sad. This world we’re living in is beyond sad; it’s devastating😢. Don’t know about you, but I walk around with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach most of the time. Thank you for the very welcome pleasure of Autumn Sky. I need wonderful little things to look forward to. 😊

    Land of Lies

    We’re traveling on the highway thru the land of Tom Dick and Jane past idyllic vistas of rolling Crayola green farms with red barns, silos,corn,cows and houses with picket fences, where few people ever really lived, though we city kids envied their existence.

    We were too young to notice a whitewashed world.

    While our reading books fabricated falsehoods and our textbooks omitted the truth as Tom Dick and Jane became familiar faces. Jim Crow was nowhere to be found.

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