White Paper on Blue Stationery by Janice D. Soderling

White Paper on Blue Stationery

Thanks for your note received on Aug. the first.
The time you chose to send was not the worst
of times but neither was it quite the best.
I read most carefully griefs you addressed,
enumerations of your discontent
and understanding of where our love went
when it turned up its heels and flew the coop.
So let me say you are a nincompoop,
first class. Your reasons echo hollow.
More like Koalemos than like Apollo.
Here’s my reply: please find enclosed from me
your shriveled heart. And please return my key.

by Janice D. Soderling

Editor’s Note: These epistolary couplets draw the reader into the narrator’s world with an intimate and unexpectedly humorous portrayal of a failed relationship. (Koalemos is the god of stupidity. 😂)

[PS: My apologies for the previous typo in the headline.]