Pint of Guinness: An acrostic sonnet by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

Pint of Guinness: An acrostic sonnet

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of what there’ll be to drink
Inside the pearly gates of heaven’s wall?
No doubt they’ll have fine wines there, but I think
Their Guinness will be godliest of all!
On top you’ll see a luscious creamy head
Froth over an elixir of dark gold.
Good Lord!” you’ll say, “I’m happy being dead!”
Upon your lips their chalice will you hold,
Imbibing their divine seraphic brew,
Not wishing e’en a drop should go to waste.
Nirvana’s cultured draught will render you
Ecstatic as you savor ev’ry taste!
Suppose you’re loath to wait for such delight?
Some say it’s served in Dublin ev’ry night!

by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons

Editor’s Note: Guinness should always be celebrated, and this poem is a rollicking good time. TGIF!


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