The blue and temperate world by Julia Klatt Singer

The blue and temperate world

We live in the marginalia;
every day further from the center of things, more of a scribbled note,
a smudge, worn and soft as graphite.

I watch as the goldfinches,
he and she, back and hungry, visit the feeder three times over lunch.

The wind chimes now hang from a branch of the Elm,
some industrious squirrel stole from the porch and positioned there.

Running, in the early morning, the rabbits look at me like the interloper that I am.
I whisper don’t move, I’m already gone.

I am trying to learn Finnish. Tarjosi, tanaan—to offer, today.

And like yesterday and tomorrow all I have for you
is this poem,

that I plant your body in,
like the sky is a garden
made of stars.

by Julia Klatt Singer


Editor’s Note: The narrative of this poem is bookended between two brilliant images, forcing the reader to grapple with the idea that reality is mostly created (and often startling).


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