Reasons to Run by Julia Klatt Singer

Reasons to Run

In the east a planet hangs low in the sky,
A silver apple ready to be plucked.

Last week it was robins. This week
Squirrels—how long since I’ve seen a rabbit?

The lake mirrors the slate blue sky.

And what do I mirror?

Am heartbeat, am steady, am certain
That no one can see me now

Dancing as I run to Aretha
Like the sweet morning dew

I took one look at you,
And it was plain to see

you were my destiny… you, still
and asleep and dreaming; fleet foxes,

a star in your mouth, moonlight
in your bed.

by Julia Klatt Singer


Editor’s Note: The surreal imagery in this poem beautifully mirrors the way the mind wanders while running, while also allowing the reader a glimpse into the life of the speaker.


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  1. Carol Amato Avatar
    Carol Amato

    Thank you, Julia for your entrancing poem! While I am not a runner, I am a long-distance swimmer and know those breathless moments when I am alive with that awesome water world! I was running with you!

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