Australian Crawl by Woody Long (repost)

Australian Crawl

In time out of time, in night of endless night,
she moves through dark waters toward the light
beside the landing far across the lake.

Insistent rhythm, alternating rhyme
of left and right arms driven, beating time
at steady measured metronomic rate,
strong Australian crawl, luminescent wake.

In silent running under a sea of stars,
by dead reckoning and distant light she steers
a constant course, her bearing true and straight.

Bright light at the landing, yellow white
incandescent against the night,
black waters cold and long, the hour late,
strong Australian crawl, luminescent wake.

by Woody Long

Editor’s note: This poem’s sonics are steady and measured, creating with words the meditative zone that every cardio addict continually strives to achieve.

[This poem has been reposted with the correct formatting. Please accept my apologies for the errors in the previous iteration.]


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