Lessons – December 2020 by Kindra McDonald Greene

Lessons – December 2020

I am a substitute in this last week of school before winter break.
It is fancy dress day and my body sparkles in sequins with tulle

on my hips and shoes clicking bright down the hallway.
I roll this borrowed art cart into kindergarten classes.

I smile with my eyes, shout through thick cotton
and filters to 16 children in princess dresses

and tuxedos, old-man suspenders and shining tiaras.
We play dress up to wish away a year without hugs

and hidden smiles. Their desks: little clear cages of plexiglass.
Their eyes peer up at me for the lesson I’ve been left

by their teacher: artist and caregiver, now patient alone.
I am here telling them to draw an oval in the corner.

An oval is an egg, is an eye, is an avocado.
We draw a larger oval around the first,

which is now a bagel, a sushi roll, Saturn.
Draw a line out from the top of the oval

straight and true, mirror the oval’s curve
on the other side. We see a cylinder, a soda

can, a hot dog bun. We draw a wavy line
down the center of the page: an unfurling roll

a magic carpet unwound, a flag in the wind.
Match the wavy line on the other side, connect

the ends, wait as they laugh, recognize the familiar
toilet paper unrolled and waving goodbye to this year.

Goodbye to missing and distance, goodbye to fear—these
paper squares as symbols, our landscape paper as witness.

This is what artists do, capture this moment now,
as we pretend in our year’s best clothes

our covered face, our careful space. A mask is armor
is kindness, is costume. A belief that a cape will make

us fly. Let’s pretend! We dance and twirl, we substitute,
we draw all the things we have missed, lost, wish.

This week we are hope. We are small circles of light
dancing off sequins shining into new.

by Kindra McDonald Greene

Editor’s Note: The repetition in this poem serves to emphasize the multiple difficulties of 2020: grief and wishes and hugs. The device mimics children’s verse, while remaining firmly rooted in the complex realities of adulthood.


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  1. 2mybox Avatar

    This poem is delightful. I wish I had written it myself. Congratulations to the poet.

  2. Mary Ellen Talley Avatar
    Mary Ellen Talley

    Love this one. Thanks, MaryEllen Talley

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  3. Patricia McGoldrick Avatar

    Wonderful words! This captures the delight of kindergarten for my grandson & his peers.

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