Champ Speaks by Christine Potter

Champ Speaks

I’m old, but I was glad to move my den.
My humans made my bed next to the fire—
a comfort on these winter mornings when
The South Lawn doesn’t beckon, and the choir

of shutter-clicks and shouted questions wear
me down. These days I run my best in dreams;
let Major ’s woofing end up on the air.
This good boy understands that all regimes

begin and then they end. You humans choose
your dogs and cats and Presidents, and put
them in this house to charm the world—or snooze,
like me, the dog who didn’t break Joe’s foot.

Real wisdom’s seldom something loud and fleet.
An old dog knows the fireside is sweet.

by Christine Potter

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Editor’s Note: Doggie wisdom is always more intelligible than the blather humans tell each other.


4 responses to “Champ Speaks by Christine Potter”

  1. 2mybox Avatar

    I love this! What a good subject! The dog sounds so nice. No life is complete with out pets. My mother always said that families who don’t have pets miss so much. Every family’s pet is a therapy pet.

    1. Christine Potter Avatar
      Christine Potter

      Thank you! I hope Champ is providing love and therapy for our new President!

  2. Robert Bradshaw Avatar
    Robert Bradshaw

    Another lovely poem, Chris. I love your work. This one is especially sweet.

    1. Christine Potter Avatar
      Christine Potter

      Good to see you here, Robert! I was charmed by the photo op with the two dogs and the Bidens, and poor old Champ limping along, but still so beloved. It had to be a sonnet!

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