Google Searches in my 20s by Emily Laubham

Google Searches in my 20s

How to save money
How to French braid my hair
How to stop chewing my nails
How to travel cheaply
How to stop a panic attack
How to get rid of cellulite
How to get old pictures printed
How to know if I have a drinking problem
How to say “no”

How to train for a marathon
How to get rid of hiccups
How to be a morning person
How to write a check
How to check my privilege
How to dress at country clubs
How to fight heartburn
How to be content
How to hard boil eggs
How to ask for a raise
How to set boundaries
How to light a fire
How to be better
How to forgive

by Emily Laubham

Twitter: @Laubham
Instagram: @emiliahamlaub

Editor’s Note: At first glance, this poem seems like a list of random questions, but after reading to the end (and upon rereading), certain lines push to the front, providing an uncanny peek into the emotional life of the speaker.


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