Wakeup Call by Ieuan ap Hywel

Wakeup Call

An absence of sound, nothing to be seen
There is neither heat nor cold to afflict
No array of colours from black to white
no consciousness, no symbol, no throb
of blood. Not asleep nor awake
A trill – blanking – illion miles of darkness
No light, no twinkle from a star
No passing spaceship from afar
But listen: a voice penetrates
“Come forth.”
An angel with a wakeup call.
I amble out of the darkness
The light so bright, what are these bandages
Why are all these people gawking

by Ieuan ap Hywel

Editor’s Note: The uncertain punctuation, enjambment, and broken words contribute to an atmosphere of confusion in this poem, and it isn’t until the last two lines that the truth is understood.

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