Moving My Son into College During a Pandemic by Lisa Wiley

Moving My Son into College During a Pandemic
—after Shoshauna Shy

My pulled pork sandwich
with generous portions piled high
smoked to perfection
as stacks of wood
on the premises
attest to its flavor
dribbles out of the soft bun
which I couple with choice
of warm mac and cheese
like a yellow rainbow
accented with Dill pickle
which causes me to smile slightly

the red umbrella
doesn’t sufficiently shade
my dish as I down
a pint of crisp local draft
consuming what I can
off my crowded plate

and then before
we don our masks
it’s soothing to note
how normal we feel
momentarily content
in the August sun

by Lisa Wiley

Twitter: @wileymoz

Editor’s Note: This poem’s focus on the ordinary nature of a meal highlights the stark contrasts of life within a pandemic—normalcy vs. disaster, contentment vs. the unknown.

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