Waiting for Winter by Bruce Gunther

Waiting for Winter

All that remains is the crow’s nest
clinging to barren branches.
The skeletons of French lilacs
rest for the long journey
toward spring.
Leaden skies are paired with stillness.
We, too, hunker down as winter
trudges in on heavy, loud boots,
idling at this junction of rest
and potential rebirth.
The yard cleared of the maple’s
autumn suit; brittle leaves clatter
like playing cards over the pavement.
The potential of the days ahead:
snowbound, wind with sharpened teeth,
the futile spin of tires, tread
lodged in wet snow.
Present, too, this resolve to live
on nature’s terms – to unfold
within this powerful silence.

by Bruce Gunther

Twitter: @BruceGunther3

Editor’s Note: In this liminal winter week, the clear imagery of this poem feels particularly apt.


3 responses to “Waiting for Winter by Bruce Gunther”

  1. Janice D. Soderling Avatar

    Really fine work. A poem that reaches inside and squeezes the heart.

  2. crsunde Avatar


  3. Dave Williams Avatar

    This has much unusually interesting word use, including the use of verbs and verb forms: “winter / trudges in,” “futile spin of tires, tread / lodged in wet . . . .”

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