Year in Review: 2021 Stats

I would like to thank everyone who reads Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, and all the poets who’ve sent their work to me over the years. I never guessed I would be doing this for so long when I began publishing Autumn Sky Poetry back in March 2006 as a quarterly ezine. There have been several long hiatuses and a few times I thought I might quit publishing altogether, but the quality of work I receive on a daily basis keeps me going. The stats for 2021 are truly impressive and have exceeded every other prior year:

  • Total views: 52,107 (average 4342 per month)
  • Total visitors: 21, 434 (average 1786 per month)
  • Likes: 1781
  • Comments: 359

This year I intend to keep posting poems from the defunct quarterly archives every Sunday. And though I will probably go on a few breaks here and there, rest assured that your spectacular poems and our community of poetry aficionados will keep Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY going for many years to come.

-Christine, editor


10 responses to “Year in Review: 2021 Stats”

  1. richardsund Avatar

    Hi Christine, I can’t afford a subscription but I’d love to send you some money, however modest, because I have enjoyed Autumn Sky so much. Kind Regards, Richard Sund    I’ll figure out how to donate – just wanted to express my appreciation .Sent from my Galaxy

    1. Christine Klocek-Lim Avatar

      Richard, I do not have a donation avenue and subscriptions are free because I fund this personally (my small contribution to the poetry community). Thank you for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy the daily poems.

  2. heyannis Avatar

    I’ve enjoyed Autumn Sky Poetry Daily ever since I heard of it. Thank you so much for this lovely site and opportunity to read poetry and to become published. Cheers and best for 2022! xoA

  3. Rick Sund Avatar
    Rick Sund

    Hi Christine. I did not know this. Maybe you’ll email me a way to gift you – a gift for your efforts having helped me so much with life’s painful realities this past year.

  4. Liza McAlister Williams Avatar
    Liza McAlister Williams

    Your site is an enchanted island in the turbulent stream of Internet offerings. Your selections are always thought-provoking, often dazzling, and introduce me to new poets, landscapes and ideas. THANK YOU!!

  5. kthderengowski Avatar

    That is great news! Your posts are always a bright spot in my email!

    1. Michelle Meyer Avatar

      Mine too! I look forward to them everyday.

  6. Dave Williams Avatar

    Very impressive; not just the display of stats, but the entire production that yields them.

  7. Joyce Ritchie Avatar
    Joyce Ritchie

    Congratulations and thank you, Christine! The stats are impressive – and kudos to you for gathering and sharing them – but more than that, it’s wonderful to “see” such a vibrant poetry community of poets and readers in dialogue.

  8. pdfrench55 Avatar

    Really enjoy your posts, thanks for sharing all the great work that you share, greatly appreciated!

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