Year in Review: 2021 Stats

I would like to thank everyone who reads Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, and all the poets who’ve sent their work to me over the years. I never guessed I would be doing this for so long when I began publishing Autumn Sky Poetry back in March 2006 as a quarterly ezine. There have been several long hiatuses and a few times I thought I might quit publishing altogether, but the quality of work I receive on a daily basis keeps me going. The stats for 2021 are truly impressive and have exceeded every other prior year:

  • Total views: 52,107 (average 4342 per month)
  • Total visitors: 21, 434 (average 1786 per month)
  • Likes: 1781
  • Comments: 359

This year I intend to keep posting poems from the defunct quarterly archives every Sunday. And though I will probably go on a few breaks here and there, rest assured that your spectacular poems and our community of poetry aficionados will keep Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY going for many years to come.

-Christine, editor

10 thoughts on “Year in Review: 2021 Stats

  1. Hi Christine, I can’t afford a subscription but I’d love to send you some money, however modest, because I have enjoyed Autumn Sky so much. Kind Regards, Richard Sund    I’ll figure out how to donate – just wanted to express my appreciation .Sent from my Galaxy

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  2. Hi Christine. I did not know this. Maybe you’ll email me a way to gift you – a gift for your efforts having helped me so much with life’s painful realities this past year.

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  3. Your site is an enchanted island in the turbulent stream of Internet offerings. Your selections are always thought-provoking, often dazzling, and introduce me to new poets, landscapes and ideas. THANK YOU!!

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  4. Congratulations and thank you, Christine! The stats are impressive – and kudos to you for gathering and sharing them – but more than that, it’s wonderful to “see” such a vibrant poetry community of poets and readers in dialogue.

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