When We Learned This Truth by Ed Hack

When We Learned This Truth

It’s odd about the winter sun. Plain light.
No heat. That’s it. A bare bulb glow that’s weak
and white. A Harbor Freight shine barely bright.
Let’s say Ok, just competently bleak.
It doesn’t show what isn’t there, not one
pale shadow on the snow, no subtlety
of autumn’s fire, or spring’s delicious fun
with tones, or summer’s fierce intensities.
Today’s a room with primer on the walls,
one chair, a naked window like an eye
that cannot blink, a room where every flaw’s
an argument that says don’t even try
to wish for more, that’s not what winter’s for.
We learned this truth a long, long time before.

by Ed Hack

Editor’s Note: The opening lines of this sonnet emphasize the subject matter with perfectly short sentences; as if to say: this is the truth. Believe it.


2 responses to “When We Learned This Truth by Ed Hack”

  1. Irena Pasvinter Avatar

    “It’s odd about the winter sun…” is very beautifully done.;)

  2. Dave Williams Avatar

    This sonnet definitely gets winter, with its starkness frozen in the perfunctory sentences in the opening lines and then sprinkled throughout.

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