The Day by Yvonne Zipter

The Day

Everything delights me today—
the sun’s extravagant light,
the frost spreading across
the window like branches

on a tree, the dog’s tongue
lolling out from the side
of her mouth like a pink
curtain blowing out an open

window, the bass line
in that Lucinda Williams’
cover, the smoke tumbling
from chimneys like troops

of acrobats, my hair’s
independent spirit.
It was a year ago today
that a murderous mob tried

to drive a stake through
the heart of our democracy.
Faith has never been
my strong suit, but

I hang on to a belief
in goodness, as if
to the string of a kite.
And the kite were my heart.

by Yvonne Zipter

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Editor’s Note
: This poem’s emphasis on joy (and hope) is beautifully supported by the similes and metaphors sprinkled throughout. The last line is brilliant. 


3 responses to “The Day by Yvonne Zipter”

  1. heyannis Avatar

    Great imagery. And I like the enjambment of:
    “…from chimneys like troops

    of acrobats, …”
    It’s a glimmer of what’s to come. Thank you for this poem. ~ xoA

  2. Dave Williams Avatar

    This poem delights me today, even as it gives a timely and spirited spin on tragic history. Also, Lucinda jazzes it up and the vampire imagery is deadly.

  3. crsunde Avatar

    Such a good read. Lifts this reader ‘s spirit.

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