Tears of a Clownfish by J.M. Green

Tears of a Clownfish

Nara Clownfish swims back home
because her school day ended.
Tears keep squirting from her eyes—
her school day was not splendid.

“Little fry please talk to me,”
her mother says with care.
“Even when the school day’s bad
it’s always best to share.”

Finding Nara! Parrotfish
kept yelling all day long.
The Yellow Longnose twins would tease
We bet your right fin’s wrong!

“Stay calm,” says Mom. “Or swim away.
Cruel words are never brainy.
Or make a Nemo joke too.
‘Cause Clownfish can be zany!”

by J.M. Green

Editor’s Note: There isn’t enough light verse in the world, so here’s a cute poem to cleanse your brain. Please apply after doom-scrolling for best results.

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