From the archives – Chiasmatype — Corey Mesler


the process of chiasma formation, which is the basis for crossing over.

I want the bridge, the
crossing over. I want
to live where you live.
I want to wake up in a
place where the color
of the sun is the color
I see inside the simplest
poem. I want to speak
into your hair the words
that deliver me from the
wreckage of my attempt
to travel. And when the
day is done I want to
cross over again, to a
country where the leaders
talk like parrots, like
streams running clear,
like the mouths of caves.
I want to cross over with
you, my lily white. And I want
the crossing to be our final act.

by Corey Mesler

from Autumn Sky Poetry Number 13, April 2009

Photo by Christine Klocek-Lim

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